xPoints Indicator

xPoints indicator is a VertexFX client-side indicator that predicts the possible reversal points. The concept behind this indicator is based on the fact that some time before the turn of the price there are so-called bars X-points, in which rate=(High-Low)/MathAbs(Close-Open) more than 1. If rate more than 1 and low touches the lower border of the channel (price increasing is possible) or High touches the upper border of the channel (price decreasing is possible), then then the indicator gives a signal to buy or sell.
To filter false signals, the indicator analyzes the bar following the X-point to detect at least small price movement in the predicted direction, and it detects the positions of middle points of bars as related to the mid-channel and to each other. The appearance of the red arrow indicator gives a signal to sell to the level of profit at the opposite border of the trading channel, and the appearance of the blue arrow signals the opening of the transaction for the purchase.
Trade is conducted only in the direction of the trend that is visually determined by the slope of the channel. The testing revealed another interesting feature of the ixndent parameter - it can be used to accurately calculate the opening moment. For example, open short positions when the price is above the arrow and vice versa, which provides an approximation of the opening to the point of a local extremum.
Description of the main Indicator input parameters: per (default = 3) - parameter, which is responsible for the period of construction of the shopping channel. This value must be adjusted empirically for each currency pair separately; xrate (default = 1.5) - minimum ratio. This parameter is responsible for the anti-aliasing, and the higher it is the more accurate the signals are fed to the opening position; xsize (default = 5) - the minimum height of the bar (High-Low); xslope (default = 0) - minimal increment of the next bar. Indicator input parameters: per=3; - channel building period xrate=1.5; - minimal rate xsize=5.0; - minimal bar height (High-Low) extern double xminupdn=10.0; - minimal channel width xhour1=9; - minimal hour, from which signals are allowed (inclusively) xhour2=19;- maximal hour, up to which channels are allowed (inclusively) xindent=15; - signal indent from the chart (it can be used for StopLoss, too)
To use xPoints Indicator download it from here, then place it at VertexFX VTL directory:
C:\ProgramData\VertexFX Client Terminals\"Company name"\VTL10\Local VTL Scripts

Then right click on the tree and select refresh or restart your client station and you will find under  VTL local scripts in your client terminal.

You can check this video that talks about xPoints Indicator:

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